Special Pre-Marital Discount Packages

I realize that couples can often obtain some premarital counseling for a reduced rate through their church or another organization. I also realize that finances can be challenging for a couple during their engagement.

For this reason I offer a discount package in which couples can purchase 6 (six) sessions at a time for $900 (6 sessions for the price of 5 – one session free – at $180/hour). Almost all couples choose to attend at least six sessions of premarital counseling, so this package helps decrease that cost.  This package must be purchased at the time of the first session to obtain the discount.

This package can be extended for additional bundles of six sessions, with the full package payment due at the time of the first of the six sessions.  This allows couples to extend the package for 12 or 18 premarital sessions.  In addition, I highly recommend couples continue to attend some additional sessions after they are married, and this discount package can be extended in the same manner to include those sessions, as well.