Frequently Asked Questions about  Transformational Marriage® Seminars

Sharing the challenges and obstacles they have overcome in their own 25-year marriage, Ron and Jan offer UNIQUE INSIGHTS into marital relationships, based on proven Biblical principles, and enhanced by his 20 years of counseling experience. Using both humor and candor, these seminars offer energetic, uplifting, and challenging EXPERIENCES that leave those who attend deeply moved and motivated. The principles shared in these seminars are Biblically-based, but they have been shown to be effective in marriages of all faiths.

Transformational Marriage® Seminars set the stage for recommitment to your partner through understanding your roles in perpetuating and maintaining certain traits that no longer benefit yourself or your relationship. Couples are encouraged to look into the mirror and truly search their souls to address the challenges they face in their marriage and how their own personalities and behavior contribute to those challenges.

Transformational Marriage® Seminars provide hands-on training in how to transform yourself and your marriage into a stronger and more rewarding union through hope, forgiveness, selflessness, and praise.

Seminars are offered in a VARIETY OF FORMATS, that are well-suited for Christian church settings, including:

  • Full-length, weekend-long programs (12 to 15 hours)
  • One-day seminars (6 hours)
  • Morning or Afternoon Workshops (3 hours)

Seminars are INDIVIDUALLY CUSTOMIZED for the audience on a wide-ranging array of marital and family topics, including:

  • General Marriage Enrichment and Growth
  • Power and Control
  • Hope
  • Forgiveness
  • Selflessness
  • Praise
  • Intimacy
  • Parenting
  • Finances

Transformational Marriage® seminars are designed for married couples of all ages and lengths of marriage. These seminars are based on Christian principles that will benefit couples and can be presented in the Littleton Denver area or nationally. All marriages can benefit from a tune-up even if they are not in need of a major overhaul! Our Seminars offer practical skills that can be used on a daily basis to heal and enrich the areas of your relationship that need attention. Couples who have benefitted from Littleton Denver marriage counseling will also find these seminars helpful, and the principles in the seminars are effective for couples from all faith backgrounds and belief systems.

When you fall in love and make a commitment to marriage, your journey together begins. The future is filled with uncertainty and your own family of origin and past relationships can contribute to unproductive and harmful patterns and behaviors. Learning to recognize those unhealthy patterns that have contributed to problems can be the first step into a life-changing transformation. Our goal is to help couples begin the journey of self-discovery that will begin a process of transformation that will benefit their partners, their families, and themselves.

Transformational Marriage® Seminars cover a wide variety of topics, which can be individually tailored to the specific needs of couples in a congregation or group. These seminars create hope and lasting change that will lead to stronger, healthier marriages that are centered in faith, hope, mutual respect and love.