Marriage Counseling Costs, Payments & Insurance


Currently, I do not accept any insurance plans. I have learned from previous experience that the demands and restrictions placed on the counseling relationship by insurance providers often make it more difficult for therapy to be successful.  I would be happy to provide a printout of the dates you attend sessions, and you are free to submit that to your insurance company if you would like to do so.


My current fee for services is $200 / clinical hour (a “clinical hour” in the counseling field is usually considered 50 minutes in length).  I believe this is a competitive rate for a licensed psychologist with over 20 years of clinical experience.  I work hard to keep that fee below many of my colleagues with similar training and experience.

However, one difference you may find is that many clinicians have a practice that includes seeing many different types of clients and providing a variety of services.  Transformational Marriage™ was formed with the stated purpose of equipping couples with the knowledge, skills, and motivation necessary to transform their marriages.  This means that you will receive services from a clinician devoted to providing the highest quality marital services for the best value possible.

I believe that clients deserve to get an excellent return on their investment in counseling.  I will ask you to give me feedback, on a regular basis, in regards to my work and the success of the counseling process.  This allows me to continually reassess and revise the work I do to assure you the best services possible for the time and money you invest.